Keith Tam is a typographer, information designer, researcher and teacher. He is currently Principal Lecturer and Director of the Centre for Communication Design at the Hong Kong Design Institute. He is also Distinguished Research Fellow at the Type Lab of the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai University, as well as Researcher at the Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts. His previous appointments include Associate Professor and Director of the MA Information Design programme at the University of Reading, UK; leader of the Communication Design discipline and founding leader of the Information Design Lab at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University; Assistant Professor at the Emily Carr University of Art & Design in Vancouver, Canada, amongst others. Keith’s research focuses on the interrelationship between typography and information design, particularly in multilingual communication. Wayfinding is another strand of Keith’s work. Three tourist guides under Keith’s direction had won two merit recognitions at the Design for Asia Awards, organised by the Hong Kong Design Centre. In 2016, Keith received a ‘Best Design Educator’ award from the Hong Kong Designers Association. Keith frequently disseminates his research through different channels, and acts as consultant for various organisations.

Photograph by Mak Kai Hang


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