I consult on typography and information design for clients through Hong Kong Design Institute’s Centre for Communication Design.

Typography and information design

My expertise lie in typography for Latin and Chinese scripts, usually from a usability point of view, what can be termed as ‘designing for reading’ – designing the structure of texts in such a way that effectively and efficiently facilitate information searching, legibility and readability, and helping users to achieve their goals. I work in print-, screen- and environment-based media, and integrate the practices of typography with information design, information architecture and user experience.

Wayfinding design

Another area I consult in is wayfinding design – designing information for environments that help people find their way around. A user-centred and systemic approach is adopted to develop the wayfinding system, and the development of the sign family and design specifications.

Corporate training

If you are interested in improving the usability of everyday documents and interfaces, or the fundamentals of typography and information design, I can tailor make corporate training courses for you (these 12-hour courses may also be offered as corporate training).

  • Typography for complex publications
  • Designing usable print and digital documents
  • Designing Chinese–Latin bilingual documents
  • Information design
  • Western calligraphy and lettering
  • Chinese lettering and type anatomy fundamentals