Calligraphy, lettering and type design reading list

Calligraphy and lettering

Harvey, Michael (1975)
Lettering design: form and skill in the design and use of letterforms
London: Bodley Head

Harvey, Michael (2002)
Creative lettering today: calligraphy in the graphic arts, drawing and design, digital letterforms, carving letters in stone and wood
New York: Lyon & Burford Publishers

Johnston, Edward (1977)
Writing & illuminating & lettering
London: Adam & Charles

Mosley, James (1999)
The nymph and the grot: the revival of the sanserif letter
London: Friends of the St Bride Printing Library

Neuenschwander, Brody (1994)
Letterwork: creative letterforms in graphic design
London: Phaidon Press

Noordzij, Gerrit (2005)
The stroke: theory of writing
London: Hyphen Press

Noordzij, Gerrit (2000)
Letterletter: an inconsistent collection of tentative theories that do not claim any other authority than that of common sense
Vancouver: Hartley & Marks, Publisher

Pott, Gottfried (1995)
Schrift, klana, bild / The music of lettering
Mainz: Verlag Hermann Schmidt

Type design

Bartram, Alan and James Sutton (1988)
An atlas of typeforms (2nd edition)
Hartfordshire, England: Wordsworth Editions

Berry, John D, editor (2002)
Language, culture, type
New York: ATypI

Blackwell, Lewis (1998)
Twentieth century type (remix)
London: Laurence King

Carter, Sebastian (2002)
Twentieth century type designers (new edition)
Aldershot, England: Lund Humpheies

Frutiger, Adrian (1980)
Type, sign, symbol
Zurich: ABC Editions

Haley, Allan (1998)
Type: hot designers make cool fonts
Gloucester, Massachusetts: Rockport Publishers

Howes, Justin (2000)
Johnston’s Underground type
Middlesex, England: Capital Transpor

Littlejohn, Deborah editor (2003)
Metro letters: a typeface for the twin cities
Minneapolis: Design Institute, University of Minnesota

Middendorp, Jan (2004)
Dutch type
Rotterdam: 010 Publishers

Re, Margaret (2002)
Typographically speaking: the art of Matthew Carter
Baltimore: University of Maryland

Smeijers, Fred and Robin Kinross (2011)
Counterpunch: making type in the sixteenth century, designing typefaces now (second edition)
London: Hyphen Press

Tracy, Walter (1986)
Letters of credit: a view of type design
London: Gordon Fraser