Document design and usability of documents

Not the usual typography and information design books, but specifically on designing documents from a user-centred point of view.

Burke, C; Black, A; Stiff, P; Waller, R (1992) Designing business documents. Surrey, UK: Monotype Typography Ltd

Hartley, J (1994) Designing instructional texts (third edition).
London: Kogan Page

Schriver, K A (1997) Dynamics in document design: creating texts for readers. New York: John Wiley & Sons

Twyman, M (1985) ‘Using pictorial language: a discussion of the dimensions of the problem’, in Duffy, T M and Waller, R, Designing usable texts. London: Academic Press 245–312

Waller, R H W (1982) ‘Text as diagram: using typography to improve access and understanding’ in D Jonassen (ed), The technology of text
Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Educational Technology Publications, 137–166

Waller R H W (1999), ‘Making connections: typography layout and language’, Proceedings of the 1999 Autumn Symposium, American Association for Artificial Intelligence

Typography and book design reading list

Typography manuals

Baines, Phil and Andrew Haslam (2002)
Type & typography
New York: Watson-Guptill

Bringhurst, Robert (1997)
The elements of typographic style
Vancouver: Hartley & Marks, Publishers

Felici, James (2003)
The complete manual of typography: a guide to setting perfect type
Berkeley, CA: Peachpit Press

Hochuli, Jost (2008)
Detail in typography: letters, letterspacing, words, wordspacing, lines, linespacing, columns
London: Hyphen Press

Kane, John (2002)
A type primer
New Jersey: Prentice Hall

Lupton, Ellen (2004)
Thinking with type: A critical guide for designers, writers, editors & students
New York: Princeton Architectural Press

McLean, Ruari (1980)
The Thames and Hudson manual of typography
London: Thames and Hudson

Middendorp, Jan (2012)
Shaping text: type, typography and the reader
Singapore: Page One Publishing


Burke, Christopher (2007)
Active literacture: Jan Tschichold and New Typography
London: Hyphen Press

Kinross, Robin, editor (2002)
Anthony Froshaug: typography & texts
London: Hyphen Press

Kinross, Robin (1992)
Modern typography: an essay in critical history
London, England: Hyphen Press 1992

Poyner, Rick (2003)
No more rules: graphic design and postmodernism
New Haven: Yale University Press

Classic texts

Gill, Eric (1988)
An essay on typography
New York: D R Godine

Ruder, Emil (2001)
Typographie (seventh edition)
Sulgen, Switzerland: Niggli

Tschichold, Jan, translated by Ruari McLean (1995)
The new typography: a handbook for modern designers
Berkeley: University of California Press

Tschichold, Jan; translated by Hajo Hadeler (1991)
The form of the book: essays on the morality of good design
London: Lund Humphries

Theory, research and discourse

Beier, Sofie (2012)
Reading letters: designing for legibility
Amsterdam: BIS Publishers

Heller, Steven and Philip Meggs, editors (2001)
Texts on type: critical writings on typography
New York: All Worth Press

Jury, David, editor (2001)
TypoGraphic Writing: selected writing from thirty years of TypoGraphic, the journal of the International Society of Typographic Designers
Stround, England: ISTD

Spencer, Herbert (1969)
The visible word
London: Lund Humphries/Royal College of Art

Swanson, Gunnar, editor (2000)
Graphic design & reading: explorations of an uneasy relationship
New York: All Worth Press

Unger, Gerard (2007)
While you’re reading
New York: Mark Batty Publisher

Walker, Sue (2001)
Typography and language in everyday life: prescriptions and practices
Harlow, England: Pearson Education

Book design

Bartram, Alan (2001)
Five hundred years of book design
New Haven: Yale University Press

Birdsall, Derek (2004)
Notes on book design
New Haven: Yale University Press

Haslam, Andrew (2006)
Book design: a comprehensive guide
London: Laurence King

Hochuli, Jost and Robin Kinross (1996)
Designing books: practice and theory
London: Hyphen Press

Hochuli, Jost (1993)
Book design in switzerland
Switzerland: Arts Council of Switzerland

Williamson, Hugh (1983)
Methods of book design (3rd edition)
New Haven: Yale University Press

Tschichold, Jan (1991)
The form of the book: essays on the morality of good design
Vancouver: Hartley & Marks, Publishers

Calligraphy, lettering and type design reading list

Calligraphy and lettering

Harvey, Michael (1975)
Lettering design: form and skill in the design and use of letterforms
London: Bodley Head

Harvey, Michael (2002)
Creative lettering today: calligraphy in the graphic arts, drawing and design, digital letterforms, carving letters in stone and wood
New York: Lyon & Burford Publishers

Johnston, Edward (1977)
Writing & illuminating & lettering
London: Adam & Charles

Mosley, James (1999)
The nymph and the grot: the revival of the sanserif letter
London: Friends of the St Bride Printing Library

Neuenschwander, Brody (1994)
Letterwork: creative letterforms in graphic design
London: Phaidon Press

Noordzij, Gerrit (2005)
The stroke: theory of writing
London: Hyphen Press

Noordzij, Gerrit (2000)
Letterletter: an inconsistent collection of tentative theories that do not claim any other authority than that of common sense
Vancouver: Hartley & Marks, Publisher

Pott, Gottfried (1995)
Schrift, klana, bild / The music of lettering
Mainz: Verlag Hermann Schmidt

Type design

Bartram, Alan and James Sutton (1988)
An atlas of typeforms (2nd edition)
Hartfordshire, England: Wordsworth Editions

Berry, John D, editor (2002)
Language, culture, type
New York: ATypI

Blackwell, Lewis (1998)
Twentieth century type (remix)
London: Laurence King

Carter, Sebastian (2002)
Twentieth century type designers (new edition)
Aldershot, England: Lund Humpheies

Frutiger, Adrian (1980)
Type, sign, symbol
Zurich: ABC Editions

Haley, Allan (1998)
Type: hot designers make cool fonts
Gloucester, Massachusetts: Rockport Publishers

Howes, Justin (2000)
Johnston’s Underground type
Middlesex, England: Capital Transpor

Littlejohn, Deborah editor (2003)
Metro letters: a typeface for the twin cities
Minneapolis: Design Institute, University of Minnesota

Middendorp, Jan (2004)
Dutch type
Rotterdam: 010 Publishers

Re, Margaret (2002)
Typographically speaking: the art of Matthew Carter
Baltimore: University of Maryland

Smeijers, Fred and Robin Kinross (2011)
Counterpunch: making type in the sixteenth century, designing typefaces now (second edition)
London: Hyphen Press

Tracy, Walter (1986)
Letters of credit: a view of type design
London: Gordon Fraser

Wayfinding reading list

Arthur, P; Passini, R (1992)
Wayfinding: people, signs and architecture
New York: McGraw-Hill

Barker, P; Fraser, J (2000)
Sign design guide: a guide to inclusive signage
London and Harpenden, Hertfordshire: JMU and Sign Design Society

Bechtel, R B; Churchman, A (eds) (2002)
Handbook of environmental psychology
New York: John Wiley

Berger, C (2009)
Wayfinding: designing and implementing graphic navigational systems
Hove: Rotovision

Calori, C (2007)
Signage and wayfinding design: a complete guide to creating environmental graphic design systems
New York: John Wiley & Sons

Gibson, D (2009)
The wayfinding handbook: information design for public places
New York: Princeton Architectural Press

Lynch, K (1960)
The image of the city
Cambridge, MA: MIT Press

Mijksenaar, P (2008)
Wayfinding at Schiphol: on the how and why of signage at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Amsterdam: Mijkensaar

Miller, C; Lewis, D (2000)
Wayfinding in complex healthcare environments
Information Design Journal, 9(2/3), 129–160

Miller, C; Lewis, D (1999)
Wayfinding: effective wayfinding and signing systems: guidance for healthcare facilities
London: HMSO

Mollerup, P (2005)
Wayshowing: a guide to environmental signage: principles & practices
Baden: Lars Müller Publishers

Smitshuijzen, E. (2007)
Signage design manual
Baden: Lars Müller

Uebele, A; Schmidt-Friderichs, K. (2007)
Signage systems & information graphics: a professional sourcebook
London: Thames & Hudson

Chinese typography reading list


Chi, Chia-fen; Cai, Dengchuan; You, Manlai (2003). Applying image descriptors to the assessment of legibility in Chinese characters. In Ergonomics, volume 46, number 8, 825–841.

Ho, Chung-wing 何松榮 (1994). 中文的直排與橫排——中文報紙內文排列的研究 [Horizontal versus vertical Chinese typesetting – a study on the typesetting of text in the Chinese newspapers]. In Lee, Paul S N and Leung, Kenneth W Y, eds. 香港傳播研究 [Communication research in Hong Kong]. Hong Kong: Department of Journalism & Communication, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. 57–76.

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Chinese type design and typography

Cao, Hongkui 曹洪奎 (1975). 铅印排版技术 [The techniques of typesetting with lead type]. Beijing: People’s Publishing House.

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Punctuation standards

Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of China (2011). 中华人民共和国国家标准GB/T 15834–2011: 标点符号用法 [National standards of the People’s Republic of China GB/T 15834–2011: General rules for punctuation, ]

Ministry of Education, Republic of China (Taiwan) (2009). 重訂標點符號手冊, 修訂版 [Revised handbook of punctuation, new edition].

Multilingual typography

Takagi, Mariko (2014) Hanzigraphy: a typographic translation between Latin letters and Chinese characters. Hong Kong: MCCM Creations.

Xiaofeng Wang 王小枫 (2013) 中西文字并排设计 [Chinese & Latin typography]. Dalian, China: Dalian University of Technology Press.

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Wittner, B; Thoma, S; Hartmann, T, eds (2018) Bi-scriptual: typography and graphic design with multiple script systems. Salenstein, Switzerland: Niggli

Language and information processing

Crystal, David (2010). The Cambridge encyclopedia of language. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.

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Information design reading list

Theory, discourse and research

Black, Alison; Luna, Paul; Lund, Ole; Walked, Sue (2017)
Information design: research and practice
New York: Routeledge

Horn, Robert E (1988)
Mapping hypertext: analysis, linkage, and display of knowledge for the next generation of on-line text and graphics
Arlington, VA: The Lexington Institute

Horn, Robert E (1998)
Visual language: global communication for the 21st century
Bainbridge Island, WA: Macro VU, Inc.

Jacobson, Robert (1999)
Information design
Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press

Frascara, Jorge (2015)
Information design as principled action: Making information accessible, relevant, understandable, and usable
Champaign, Illinois: Common Ground Publishing

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Visual function: an introduction to information design
Rotterdam: 010 Publishers

Pettersson, Rune (2002)
Information design: an introduction
Amsterdam, Philadelphia: John Benjamins

Wurman, Richard Saul (2001)
Information anxiety 2
Indianapolis, Ind.: Que


Baer, Kim (2008)
Information design workbook: graphic approaches solutions, and inspiration + 30 case studies
Beverly, Mass.: Rockport

Institute for Information Design Japan (2005)
Information design source book (second edition)
Basel, Switzerland: Birkhäuser

Mijksenaar, Paul and Piet Westendorp (1999)
Open here: the art of instructional design
New York: Joost Elffers Books

Rice-Lively, Mary and Hsin-Liang Chen (2006)
Scenarios and information design: a user-oriented practical guide
Oxford: Chandos

Visocky O’Grady, Jenn & Ken Visocky O’Grady (2008)
The information design handbook
Cincinnati, Ohio: How Books

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Information architects
Zurich, Switzerland: B. Martin Pedersen


Kindel, Eric; Walker, Sue; Burke, Christopher (2013)
Isotype: design and contexts 1925–1971
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The transformer: principles of making Isotype charts
London: Hyphen Press

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International picture language: a facsimile reprint of the [1936] English edition
Reading, UK: Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading

Neurath, Otto (2010)
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London: Hyphen Press

University of Reading (1975)
Graphic communication through ISOTYPE
Reading, UK: University of Reading

Edward Tufte

Tufte, Edward R (1990)
Envisioning information
Cheshire, Conn.: Graphics Press

Tufte, Edward R (1997)
Visual explanations: images and quantities, evidence and narrative
Cheshire, Conn.: Graphics Press

Tufte, Edward R (2001)
The visual display of quantitative information
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Tufte, Edward R (2003)
The cognitive style of PowerPoint
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Tufte, Edward R (2006)
Beautiful evidence
Cheshire, Conn.: Graphics Press