Typography and book design reading list

Typography manuals

Baines, Phil and Andrew Haslam (2002)
Type & typography
New York: Watson-Guptill

Bringhurst, Robert (1997)
The elements of typographic style
Vancouver: Hartley & Marks, Publishers

Felici, James (2003)
The complete manual of typography: a guide to setting perfect type
Berkeley, CA: Peachpit Press

Hochuli, Jost (2008)
Detail in typography: letters, letterspacing, words, wordspacing, lines, linespacing, columns
London: Hyphen Press

Kane, John (2002)
A type primer
New Jersey: Prentice Hall

Lupton, Ellen (2004)
Thinking with type: A critical guide for designers, writers, editors & students
New York: Princeton Architectural Press

McLean, Ruari (1980)
The Thames and Hudson manual of typography
London: Thames and Hudson

Middendorp, Jan (2012)
Shaping text: type, typography and the reader
Singapore: Page One Publishing


Burke, Christopher (2007)
Active literacture: Jan Tschichold and New Typography
London: Hyphen Press

Kinross, Robin, editor (2002)
Anthony Froshaug: typography & texts
London: Hyphen Press

Kinross, Robin (1992)
Modern typography: an essay in critical history
London, England: Hyphen Press 1992

Poyner, Rick (2003)
No more rules: graphic design and postmodernism
New Haven: Yale University Press

Classic texts

Gill, Eric (1988)
An essay on typography
New York: D R Godine

Ruder, Emil (2001)
Typographie (seventh edition)
Sulgen, Switzerland: Niggli

Tschichold, Jan, translated by Ruari McLean (1995)
The new typography: a handbook for modern designers
Berkeley: University of California Press

Tschichold, Jan; translated by Hajo Hadeler (1991)
The form of the book: essays on the morality of good design
London: Lund Humphries

Theory, research and discourse

Beier, Sofie (2012)
Reading letters: designing for legibility
Amsterdam: BIS Publishers

Heller, Steven and Philip Meggs, editors (2001)
Texts on type: critical writings on typography
New York: All Worth Press

Jury, David, editor (2001)
TypoGraphic Writing: selected writing from thirty years of TypoGraphic, the journal of the International Society of Typographic Designers
Stround, England: ISTD

Spencer, Herbert (1969)
The visible word
London: Lund Humphries/Royal College of Art

Swanson, Gunnar, editor (2000)
Graphic design & reading: explorations of an uneasy relationship
New York: All Worth Press

Unger, Gerard (2007)
While you’re reading
New York: Mark Batty Publisher

Walker, Sue (2001)
Typography and language in everyday life: prescriptions and practices
Harlow, England: Pearson Education

Book design

Bartram, Alan (2001)
Five hundred years of book design
New Haven: Yale University Press

Birdsall, Derek (2004)
Notes on book design
New Haven: Yale University Press

Haslam, Andrew (2006)
Book design: a comprehensive guide
London: Laurence King

Hochuli, Jost and Robin Kinross (1996)
Designing books: practice and theory
London: Hyphen Press

Hochuli, Jost (1993)
Book design in switzerland
Switzerland: Arts Council of Switzerland

Williamson, Hugh (1983)
Methods of book design (3rd edition)
New Haven: Yale University Press

Tschichold, Jan (1991)
The form of the book: essays on the morality of good design
Vancouver: Hartley & Marks, Publishers